What Services Do We Offer?

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Produced Videos

Just about all the videos that we produce fall into 3 distinct categories... The first is what we call ‘produced’ videos. These are product demos, commercials, documentaries, infomercials... anything that starts with a script, is specifically planned out and shot with a final product already in mind. 

Live Event Videos

Secondly, we produce live events and conferences. These are generally events that have an audience of 10 to 5000 already in attendance, but video is desired so that the event can either be seen by other people after the fact, or even watched live as-it-happens on the Internet, which is known as ‘live-streaming’. We can turn any event, from 10 people in a conference room to 10,000 people in a stadium into a professionally produced video.

Content-based Videos

The third is what we call ‘content-based’ videos. These are videos that are designed to impart the presenter’s knowledge on a specific subject to the viewer, often as a means of generating revenue for the presenter. An example might be a real estate sales training video, where an experienced real estate sales veteran will offer his or her knowledge for sale on video. This can be a great supplement or even replacement for live, in-person speaking gigs for the presenter.

Our Facilities

PrimeImage Meda operates a full-service production studio located in Phoenix, Arizona USA. From this 4000 square feet studio we can produce everything from small talking head videos, to larger productions with staged set pieces and lighting. We also have green screen facilities, edit bays, and a conference room for preproduction meetings. If you'd like a tour, we’d be happy to arrange it.


ELC Photography

ELC (Enhanced Lighting Compression) Photography represents a breakthrough in the way that properties are represented in print and online. Utilizing a specially-configured camera that takes multiple simultaneous exposures and custom Photoshop software, ELC photography produces images that are almost surreal in their clarity, definition and sharpness. For more information, or to book a photo shoot, please contact us at 480-240-9270 or email us at info@PrimeImageMedia.com

Aerial Video and Photos

Our camera drone is a remotely operated, unmanned, miniature helicopter designed to carry wireless video cameras and still cameras. From capturing the perfect scenes given to us by Mother Nature and amazing structures developed by man to the carpeted greens of the most beautiful golf courses, our drone allows us to create emotional images from the air without the expense or logistical challenges of traditional helicopter flight. The drone is electric and weighs less than 10 pounds. It can capture images from 0 to 300 feet, lower than any helicopter can safely fly. In minutes you have print-ready photos or video at a fraction of the cost of a full size helicopter. Drop us a line today at (480) 240-9270, or email info@PrimeImageMedia.com and see if our aerial platform can 'elevate' your marketing materials.

Our Equipment

We have just about everything you could need to produce about any kind of video, from professional, broadcast-quality 4K cameras, to high-quality wireless microphones and video lighting systems, to cranes, dollies, jibs, drones, steadicams... you name it. And if there’s a specialty item that you need that we don’t have, we can get it from one of our many vendors and suppliers. Need something special? Drop us a line and let’s talk about it. (480) 240-9270.